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Insight: Swingin' at The Cotton Club / Bouldering

Published August 12, 2005

In 1931 a German radio producer broadcast live to Germany from the legendary Cotton Club in New York City. A recording of that broadcast was recently found. KXJZ producer Matias Bombal will give this historic recording its U.S. broadcast premiere on Sunday night at 9:00 pm on KXJZ's Classical Jazz and Swing.

Today on Insight, we listen to remarkable clips, including Cab Calloway and his orchestra playing Minnie the Moocher; we also talk about the broadcast, and how it happened; why the recording was lost, and how it was found; and about the Cotton Club and its place in American music history.

Local climber Victor Copeland talks about rock climbing and where it can take you. His new book, "A Northern Christmas: the vbouldering writings," features columns, articles and other essays he wrote for VBouldering magazine.


Reviewer: johanw - - January 15, 2010
Subject: Cotton Club & Bouldering
The interviewer deserves a compliment for good listening skills and asking exactly those questions that i would have wanted to ask if only i could have come up with them.
Matias (interviewed for the Cotton Club item) is a very knowledgeable guy. He knows a lot of little details and background information.
The boulder climber shines a philosophical light on bouldring which keeps the subject interesting.